Case studies



Flow testing Data provided to assist in determining water quantity and reliability after drilling 2 new bores  
Landfill leachate recovery Pumping system to lift leachate from collection sumps and recirculate the leachate back on the waste Mindarie Regional Council





Controllers (Single pump) Agriculture 2012 December
Controllers (Multiple pumps) Industrial 2013 June
Pumps (Bottom fill) Gas well deliquifying 2014 May
Pumps (Sump)    
Pumps (Floating)

Information sheets


Pump (Transfer) Bore sampling Dewatering projects
Pump (Evaporative) Flow testing service Environmental solutions
Bore sampling system Telemetry capabilities   
Bubbler monitoring case Echometer  
Air compressors Pollution recovery  
Water discharge line manifold Hydrocarbon recovery  
Solar panel frame (In foundations) Run Energy landfill services  
Solar panel frame (On blocks)    
Solar panel frame (On pole)    
Pump trip point tester    
Pump clamp