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Agricultural Complete pumping system with 16 Airwell pumps  
Farming Bores with salty water and high concentrate of clay Beaufort (Victoria)
Farming Farm pumping system with Airwell pumps Konongwootong (Victoria)
Rain water harvesting Restore a dry area of costal grazing marsh which is very dry and had lost most of its wildlife interest Essex (UK)
Flow testing Data provided to assist in determining water quantity and reliability after drilling 2 new bores  
Landfil Pumping system to lift leachate from collection sumps and recirculate the leachate back on the waste Mindarie Regional Council
Landfill Fabrication, supply, installation and comissioning of a leachate pumping and telemetry monitoring system City of Mount Gambier
Oil and Gas Deliquefying of vertical shallow gas wells at a depth of 400m Saskatchewan (Canada)
Oil and Gas Slug lift pump trial Barnett Shale (Texas)
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