Bore Sampling  

The Airwell Group sampling equipment is manufactured from the highest quality components and assembled in our Perth factory. We offer a full range of services Australia wide to our clients to help them meet their environmental and reporting requirements to the relevant government departments.

Our services offered are:

  • Complete sampling service - Supply of all pumping equipment, 4wd vehicle and trained operator to complete your sampling requirements.
  • Dry hire of equipment - Supply of all pumping equipment required to complete your sampling.
  • Purchase options - Outright purchase of an Airwell bore sampling unit.

Why choose Airwell?

  • Mine site approved and equipped 4WD vehicles.
  • Choice of Airwell sampling pumps or other sampling systems that meet your requirements.
  • Trained and experienced staff.
  • Subject to availability, can be mobilised almost immediately to any location locally or nationally.
  • Up to 15-20 bores sampled in a day depending on bore depth, yield and distance between bores.
  • Can be purchased outright or wet or dry hired with comprehensive training provided.
  • Low risk of contamination with coaxial discharge, airline and cable system.
  • No minimum flow rate in low flow applications.
  • High grit tolerance with no parts likely to be damaged by high grit bores.
  • 1¾” (45mm) dia x 1 or 2m long pump goes down 50mm casing diameter.
  • New 3½” dia by 1.25m long sampling pump fits straight into standard hose reel system and allows for much higher flow rates in larger diameter bores with no need to change hoses.
  • Silenced air compressor and hydraulic pack.
  • Reduced OH&S issues with no manual handling required to raise or lower pumps.
  • Electrical safety with system requiring no high voltages and no trade licences to operate or maintain.

Our complete sampling service requires no capital expenditure to purchase equipment, no ongoing repairs and maintenance to sampling equipment, reduced human resources to complete your sampling responsibilities and provides a timely service to meet your reporting deadlines.

Our Monitoring Equipment:

Power Pack:

The power pack is a self-contained three cylinder diesel stationary motor with a K30 series air compressor and hydraulic motor. The air compressor provides the pumping energy source to the Airwell pump and the hydraulic motor powers the hose reel to raise and lower the pump.

Hose & Reel:

The compressed air and hydraulics are connected to a stainless steel hose reel. On the side of the hose reel is a manual lever, moving the lever down lowers the sampling pump into the bore casing, moving the lever up raises the pump from the bore casing.The hydraulic lever has a dead man’s handle, once you let go of the lever the brake is applied to the reel and the unit will not rotate. This is a key safety feature of the Airwell sampling system.

R7 1” ID hose is used to carry the water, airline and signal cable between the pump and hose reel. By using a single R7 hose eliminates the possibilities of contamination being trapped within multiple hose bundles bound together with duct tape or cable ties.Hose lengths are made to requirements from 30 metres to 110 metres in length.

The Pumps:

Airwell have a range of pumps and sizes to suite your requirements. Pump sizes include:1¾” (45mm) dia x 1 or 2m long pump goes down 50mm casing diameter3½” dia by 1.25m long sampling pump and allows for much higher flow rates to be achieved in larger diameter bores.All pumps are interchangeable on our standard hose reel system.

Disinfecting the pump and internals of the hose between bores is done by simply placing the pump in a container with a Decon 90 solution or similar.


  • Equipment Type: Trailer
  • Powered by: Diesel engine
  • Hose winding: Hydraulic motor

  • Equipment Type: Single frame skid
  • Powered by: Diesel engine
  • Hose winding: Compressed air motor

  • Equipment Type: Two frames skid
  • Powered by: Diesel engine
  • Hose winding: Hydraulic motor
  • Equipment Type: Single frame skid
  • Powered by: External powered (genset)
  • Hose winding: Handwheel

  • Equipment Type: Trailer
  • Powered by: Diesel engine
  • Hose winding: Electric motor
Bore Flow Testing