Bore Sampling  

We offer a full range of services Australia wide to our clients to help them meet their environmental and reporting requirements to the relevant government departments.

Our services offered are:

  • Complete sampling service - Supply of all pumping equipment, 4wd vehicle and trained operator to complete your sampling requirements.
  • Dry hire of equipment - Supply of all pumping equipment required to complete your sampling.

Why choose Airwell?

  • Mine site approved and equipped 4WD vehicles.
  • Choice of Airwell sampling systems that meet your requirements.
  • Trained and experienced staff.
  • Subject to availability, can be mobilised almost immediately to any location locally or nationally.
  • Can be wet or dry hired with comprehensive training provided.
  • Up to 15-20 bores sampled in a day depending on bore depth, yield and distance between bores.
  • Low risk of contamination with coaxial discharge, airline and cable system.
  • No minimum flow rate in low flow applications.
  • High grit tolerance with no parts likely to be damaged by high grit bores.
  • 1¾” (45mm) dia x 1m or 2m long sampling pump goes down 50mm casing diameter.
  • 3½” (89mm) dia x 1m or 2m long sampling pump for larger casing diameter and higher flow rates.
  • All pumps are interchangeable on our standard hose reel system.
  • Silenced air compressor and hydraulic pack.
  • Reduced OH&S issues with no manual handling required to raise or lower pumps.
  • Electrical safety with system requiring no high voltages and no trade licences to operate or maintain.


  • Our complete sampling service requires no capital expenditure to purchase equipment, no ongoing repairs and maintenance to sampling equipment, reduced human resources to complete your sampling responsibilities and provides a timely service to meet your reporting deadlines.
  • The power pack is a self-contained three cylinder diesel stationary motor with a K30 series air compressor and hydraulic motor. The air compressor provides the pumping energy source to the Airwell pump and the hydraulic motor powers the hose reel to raise and lower the pump.
  • The hose & reel is connected to the compressed air and hydraulics. A manual lever located on it's side, controls the lowering or lifting of the sampling pump into the bore casing.
  • R7 1” ID hose is used to carry the water, airline and signal cable between the pump and hose reel. It eliminates the possibilities of contamination being trapped within multiple hose bundles bound together with duct tape or cable ties.
  • Hose lengths are made to requirements from 30 metres to 110 metres in length.
  • Airwell have a range of pumps and sizes to suite your requirements, starting from 1¾” dia (for 50mm casing I/D).
  • Disinfecting the pump and internals of the hose between bores is done by simply placing the pump in a container with a Decon 90 solution or similar.

Bore Flow Testing  

The Airwell Group is fully equipped to provide one of the most accurate and comprehensive flow testing and reporting services Australia wide.

Our flow testing service and procedure will typically include:

  • Set up of testing equipment
  • Logging starts
  • The test will commence with a step drawdown test to determine the flow rate for the Constant Rate pumping test.
  • The bore is logged during recovery with water levels being logged until the initial standing water level is restored, often overnight.
  • The Constant Rate flow test will commence for the period specified by the client
  • Conclude pumping with recovery rate being logged until the standing water level is restored to within at least 10% of initial level
  • Logging is concluded
  • Data logging results are transferred to an excel spreadsheet and a copy supplied to the client

Our Monitoring Equipment

The Airwell Group’s unique flow/pump testing equipment has been developed and tested in the field over many years. Our data logging equipment enables Airwell to provide our clients with a highly accurate record of the flow test from start to finish. Our equipment includes:

  • Certified Dual Mag Flow meters for recording of flow rates.
  • Variable speed drive to control the pump speed and flow rate.
  • Pressure transducers & bubbler tube systems to very accurately monitor standing water levels in the bore.
  • Additional capabilities to monitor SWL in any observation bores located in the vicinity of the flow test.
  • All equipment is PLC controlled and can be set to automatically take readings at any desired frequency as required by the client. All pumping parameters can be entered and/or modified in the PLC by the operators on site or remotely via SCADA.
  • All monitoring equipment is mounted inside a steel skid unit for protection and ease of transport.
  • Equipment to measure and log water EC, pH and water temperature in real time.

New: Airwell have long had the ability to fully monitor and control our flow testing systems remotely via SCADA. With the introduction of Satelite communications we are now able to remotely monitor the flow testing results live from our offices in Perth even if no mobile phone signal is available. This also provides the client the opportunity to progressively review the results and request changes to the flow testing parameters. We can provide the client or Hydro geologist with a Laptop fully set up to log on to the Airwell Flow Test system. This is a unique feature only available from Airwell.

Our Capabilities

We are fully equipped to undertake flow testing ranging from 0 to 120 litres per second and from depths up to 200 meters. Testing outside of these parameters is available subject to negotiation. We offer:

  • A selection of electric submersible pumps to achieve required flow rates.
  • Mine site ready vehicles
  • Trained and experienced operators with previous mine site exposure.




Other Services  

Airwell has developed a large range of products and services for the industry which are not just our standard pumping systems.

  • Our experienced staff have a range of skills and qualifications across a number of projects and industries to provide a high quality service whatever the job may be.
  • Our mine site ready vehicles in QLD, WA and Vic are able to complete a full range of site services to meet whatever requirements you have.
  • Our comprehensive safety management system is combining 30 years of practical field experience with the formal procedures & policies to ensure an industry leading service carried out in the safest possible manner. Airwell Group has not had a LTI incident in over 8 years for both our Australian and USA operations.

Some of our Field Service clients are: Alcoa - BP - EMRC - Fortescue Metals - Iluka Resources - MMG - Newcrest Mining - Newmont - Orica - Origin Energy - Rio Tinto


Service and Installation of electric submersible pumping systems

Airwell’s experienced and qualified field crews can look after all your pumping systems, not just Airwell pumps

Developing and cleaning of wells

Airwell’s field crews are trained and experienced in undertaking well development and cleaning using air lifting techniques and bore cleaning products.

Contaminated bores and pumping equipment

Airwell has the experience and facilities to perform acid cleaning of pumps affected by contaminate build up in our factory and onsite chemical dosing of bores, pumps and discharge lines to control contaminate build up within the pump system.

Installation and Removal of Well Head equipment