The Airwell pumping system  

The Airwell pump

Our unique air operated pumping systems are renowned for their reliability, adaptability and durability because of the following unique features:

  • Ability to handle high grit laden.
  • Ability to pump corrosive fluids.
  • Ability to adjust from very low to higher flow capabilities (0 - 100,000 litres per day).
  • A simple float valve on a tank can automate the Airwell system. When the tank is full the system will shut down until water level drops and the system will automatically restart. This "on demand" feature is built into every Airwell pumping system.
  • Ability to adjust to varying bore yields and self-regulate without damage to pump or bore. It actually can turn a non - producing bore into a reliable water supply.
  • Can operate long distances from electric power, sometimes up to 15 kms away.
  • Multiple pumps can be powered from the same compressor and airline.
  • High quality materials used (316S/S) and componentry manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Long service life with low maintenance characteristics due to few mechanical / moving parts.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Australian-made with all parts stocked locally.
  • Customised pumps / systems to suit a particular application.
  • Can be integrated with other pump systems.
  • Multiple pump systems can be controlled / monitored remotely.
  • Many systems include full SCADA remote monitoring and control.
  • Intrinsic safe options available for potentially dangerous / explosive environments.

The Airwell system setup

The main components of an Airwell system are:

  • The air compressor which can be single or three phase electric, usually located in a shed were a power supply already exists.
  • The airline which transfers the compressed air from the compressor to the pump location and can be 15km long or more if sufficiently sized.
  • The controller which is required to control the pump operation and can be either solar or mains powered.
  • The pump which is located down hole, can vary according to the bore size and the required flow rate.
  • The discharge water line can include valves and flow switches to control the required storage tank / dam water level.

Watch the system in action: (2MB) or (36MB)

Airwell pumps range  

Bottom filling pumps

  • Application: Bores (Water supply, Sampling, Leachate recovery)
  • Displacement: 0.8Lit - 50Lit
  • Body diameter: 45mm - 220mm

The most common Airwell pumps. They are designed to pump from bores water, contaminated or corrosive fluids and they last for many years.

Top filling pumps

  • Application: Bores (Fresh water harvesting above more saline water, Pollution recovery of floating contaminates)
  • Displacement: 1Lit - 12Lit
  • Body diameter: 45mm - 150mm

These pumps are designed to fill from the top. They can pump to the surface all liquid above the top of the pump. As the water level drops to the top of the pump, the pump stops cycling.

Sump pumps

  • Application: Sumps or inland waterways (Water supply, Leachate recovery)
  • Displacement: 13Lit - 125Lit
  • Min sump diameter: 550mm

These pumps are designed to be submerged in sumps and keep the water level as low as possible.

Transfer pumps

  • Application: Water lines (Transfer the water in long distance, Lift the water up a steep rise)
  • Displacement: 25 Lit

The purpose of this pump is to get connected in series with the water line at one or more stages. It can give the water a total dynamic head of up to 80m at each stage.

Floating pumps

  • Application: Waterways, Dams, Lakes (Water supply, Leachate recovery)
  • Displacement: 25Lit

This floating pump has been used for more than 20 years in multiple locations throughout Australia. The compact pump and controller design allows the system to be highly mobile in applications where a single pump may be moved for use in multiple locations.

Evaporating pump

  • Applications: Ponds (Leachate evaporation)
  • Displacement: 95Lit

This floating pump has been succesfully used to increase the evaporating rate of leachate ponds. The filling procedure is quick thanks to the 8 inlet screens. With the 4 sprinklers attached at the corner posts, water is sprayed all arround at a big domed shape. All the sprayed tiny drops increase massively the liquid face in contact with the atmosphere, accelerating evaporating procedure.

Oil and Gas pumps

  • Application: Gas wells (Deliquification)
  • Displacement: 65Lit
  • Body diameter: 142mm

Our top quality, minespec, high pressure pump designed to operate at 1500m depths. It can successfully replace the expensive to maintain progress cavity pumps, and make a low producing bore profitable for many years on. Safe and wear resistant construction are the main design aspects of this high pressure gas operated pump. Pumping flow rate can be remote controlled and adjusted to each bore's specific requirements. Coal fines and mud can be pumped without damaging the pump for a long period.

Airwell controllers range  


  • Application: ???
  • Capacity: ???



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  • Capacity: ???



  • Application: ???
  • Capacity: ???



  • Application: ???
  • Capacity: ???



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  • Capacity: ???


Other pumping solutions  

Airwell Group do not just supply their own Airwell direct air displacement pumps but also can supply a range of pumping solutions to suit your particular job.

This includes electric submersible bore pumps, VSD controllers, skid mounted double diaphragm pumps, electric transfer and sump pumps.

Reticulation and irrigation systems

Airwell Group can provide pumping systems for water supply and water transfer aplications, which can be used for small scale irrigation projects.

This can be based on an Airwell pumping system depending on your flow requirements, alternatively if larger flow rates are required Airwell can provide a system with electric submersible's and electric powered transfer pumps.