Wellmaster - Plunger Lift

In the pursuit of being able to provide the most appropriate pumping solution to their client’s applications, Airwell Group can now supply Well Master Corporation plunger lift systems.

Plunger lift has become a widely accepted and economical artificial lift alternative, especially in high-gas/liquid-ratio (GLR) gas and oil wells. Plunger lift uses a free piston that travels up and down in the well’s tubing string. It minimizes liquid fallback and uses the well’s energy more efficiently than a slug or bubble flow.

 As with other artificial lift methods, the purpose of plunger lift is to remove liquids from the wellbore so that the well can be produced at the lowest bottom hole pressures.


  • Minimal well head equipment required
  • No external power source required at the wellhead,
  • Programmable cycle rates,
  • Mechanical cleaning of tubing,



  • Gas well dewatering,
  • Oil well production tube descaling.