Telemetry and Control

Airwell has the ability using the Clear SCADA telemetry and control system to provide remote monitoring and operation of our pumping equipment.

Airwell can remotely monitor and report on the following data from our Australian office or can enable the customer to retrieve the data directly. The data which can be monitored includes:

  • Gas Production – Custody transfer grade metering gas production
  • Fluid Production – As each cycle of the Airwell system is 25 litres the system can batch calculate the fluid produced without the need for additional metering equipment
  • Casing Pressure – Live casing pressure is available with its trend logged over time
  • Standing Fluid Level – True bottom hole pressure is available at all times, standing fluid level is then calculated using the casing pressure and the known specific gravity of the fluid
  • Constant Pumping Rate -  It is possible to set an exact maximum pumping rate via the control system
  • Constant Standing Fluid Level - The Airwell system can automatically modulate the pumping rate to maintain an exact standing fluid level
  •  Constant Gas Production – The system can automatically modulate a choke value to maintain an exact gas production rate remotely set by the operator.
  • Remotely Adjustable Pressure Sustaining Valve – Airwell can provide a pressure sustaining valve that can be set by an operator remotely to maintain a minimum casing pressure
  • Emergency Shut Off Valve -  Additionally an emergency shut off valve can also be included in the valve box for the Airwell system to prevent the gas gathering lines seeing excess pressure in the event of a sales compressor malfunctioning.
  • Lateral Well Head  Pressure – Airwell can provide  a standalone solar powered radio unit that will provide the Airwell telemetry system with a  live reading of the well head pressure  of any lateral well on site to be displayed on the Airwell dashboard and automatically logged
  • Compressor Monitoring Unit – Airwell can provide a mains powered radio unit that can be wired into each sales compressor and show that data remotely on the Airwell dashboard

An experienced operator can also perform pump diagnostics using the remote telemetry service in the event of a pump malfunction. Additional gas production equipment can also be added to the system and monitored.

All this information is neatly packaged into a computer dashboard which allows for the operator on site or in the Airwell office to easily operate and monitor the pumping equipment, change pumping rates, casing pressures and log results.

For more information about Airwell remote telemetry services and capabilities please contact us.