Oil and Gas Pumping System

The pumping systems developed by Airwell Oil & Gas utilise the direct gas displacement principle.

The Airwell pumping system employs a displacement vessel pumping unit that is set down the well, combined with a control unit at the surface. This control unit monitors the pumping unit in real time, allowing the pump to passively fill at the natural production rate of the well.

Once the control unit has sensed that the pumping unit is full of fluid the controller at the surface will pressurize the pump vessel with gas and displace its contents. 

Maximum heads achievable with the Airwell Oil and Gas pumping system are 1,000m or 2,400m with the new slug lift technology

With the Airwell system it has been possible to run a large number of pumps up to 10 kilometres from one centrally located power source. Even though it is possible to run gas lines further, it is preferable that any wells are within a radius of 3 kilometres from any particular power source.

All Airwell Oil & Gas pumps are capable of pumping down to a flow rate of 0 BBLs / Day without risk of damage to the equipment.

Standard - The highest flow rates experienced with the standard pump to date was 130 BBLs / Day at a depth of 365 metres. However the main market for this pump will be for wells producing under 50 BBLs / Day.

High Flow - This variant of the standard Airwell Oil & Gas technology, will allow this range of pumps to recover from zero to 500 barrels of fluid per day from depths in excess of 2,400 metres

Airwell provide a full range of telemetry and control products service for pumping, well and associated equipment.

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