Gas Gathering Line Liquid Extraction

Airwell can, using its traditional Airwell pump technology to replace traditional gas separators to remove condensation from gas gathering lines. Replacing the gas separator removes equipment from the well head reducing the visual environmental impact of the well site.

Airwell replaces the separator and uses gas gathering lines to collect condensation. Airwell collects the condensation at a low point drain located in a valley and could collect condensation from 8-10 wells.  Airwell then places a traditional low flow pump into the drain and pump the fluid out.  

When using the Airwell methodology across a whole site this process is made easier by having the gas gathering , water gathering and high pressure gas lines all located together as the low point drain pump and simply tap into this drive gas line to operate and pump away the condensation into the water line or storage tank.

For more information about Airwells gas gathering line liquid extraction technology please contact us.