Franklin Energy Artificial Lift Systems

Airwell Group is the Australian agent for Franklin Energy Artificial Lift Systems. This new addition to our product line up fills the gap between Airwell’s traditional Direct Gas Displacement systems and electric centrifugal pumping equipment.

This now allows Airwell to provide a pumping solution for nearly any Mining, Industrial or Oil & Gas Application.

Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pump

Franklin Energy – ALS have combined the features of an electric submersible with the advantages of a positive displacement progressive cavity pump

With pumping lifts up to 1,000m and pump rates ranging from 1 – 45 litres per minute.


No drive rods eliminate wear in deviated wells,

No stuffing box to maintain or create surface leaks,

No surface gear box reducing maintenance and reducing visual footprint,

Only small light weight water riser is required as there are no rods to accommodate,

Option to be installed on umbilical or coiled tubing.


Gas well Dewatering,

Mine Dewatering,

For more information on the Franklin Artificial Lift Range please contact us or you can view the Franklin Artificial Lift Systems brochure by clicking here