Echometer Digital Well Analyser

Airwell Group is now able to supply and service the Echometer Digital Well Analyser. The Well Analyser is an integrated artificial lift data acquisition and diagnostic system which allows the operator to maximise oil and gas production and minimise operating expense.

Well productivity, reservoir pressure, overall efficiency, equipment loading and well performance are derived from the combination of measurements of surface pressure, acoustic liquid level, dynamometer, power and pressure transient response.

This portable system is based on a precision analog to digital converter controlled by a notebook computer with windows based application. The Well Analyser acquires, stores, processes, displays and manages the data at the well site to give an immediate analysis of the well’s operating condition.

Airwell can also supply in addition to the standard Echometer Well Analyser the Model M Echometer for determining liquid level and also the Model H Echometer for use in hazardous environments.

Airwell can also supply the full range of Echometer spare parts and replacement parts including replacement gas guns and even Echometer chart paper.  Airwell also has experience in the service and repair of Echometer equipment and can service and repair Echometer Well Analysers and gas guns.

For more information on the Echometer Model H, M and Well Analyser (TWM) please read the technical data sheet

To order an Echometer Digital Well Analyser or to discuss more about the product please contact us and speak with one of our sales staff. 

** Contract  Echometer testing currently only available in USA. Systems available for purchase globally**