Deep Well Gas Well Deliquifying - Up to 2400m

Airwell Oil and Gas has trialed a unique “Slug Lift” technology which proved able to provide a deliquifying solution for the shale gas well industry with an ability to pump to depths of 2400m and a capability to pump from 0- 500 barrels of fluid per day.

The Airwell slug lift technology has the main advantage of being able to pump down deviated gas wells and pump low flow rates. This allows for Airwell to deliquify gas wells which other traditional pumping equipment cannot. Airwell’s Slug Lift methodology also supports well head compression giving multiple uses for a compressor located on the well site. 

Airwell’s slug lift pump also has the same features as the Airwell direct gas displacement pumping equipment in that it can handle suspended particulates and fines without damaging the pumping equipment, it can also vary the pumping flow rate to match the fluid production in the well saving on costly down time.  With all the mechanical parts located outside the well and Airwell’s ability to remotely operate and monitor the pumping equipment there is less maintenance time spent on site.

To find out more about our slug lift technology and trials taking place in the USA please read our Case Studies.

For more information about Airwell Slug Lift Technology for shale gas well deliquifying see the Airwell Oil and Gas technical brochure or contact us for more information.