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About Us

Airwell Group’s Oil and Gas division trading as Airwell Oil and Gas Pty Ltd is a privately owned subsidiary of Airwell Group Pty Ltd.

Oil and Gas Pumping System

The Airwell Oil & Gas Pumping system employs a displacement vessel pumping unit that is set down the well, combined with a control unit at the surface. This control unit monitors the pumping unit in real time, allowing the pump to passively fill at the natural production rate of the well.

Deep Well Gas Well Deliquifying - Up to 2400m

Airwell Oil and Gas with its unique “Slug Lift” technology is able to provide a deliquifying solution for the shale gas well industry with an ability to pump to depths of 2400m and a capability to pump from 0- 500 barrels of fluid per day.

Shallow Gas Well Deliquifying - Up to 1000m

Airwell’s oil and gas technology using the direct gas displacement principle of using high pressure, low volume gas to displace fluid which can operate multiple pumps across a site is ideally suited to shallow gas well deliquifying applications for both coal bed methane and conventional gas operation

Telemetry and Control

Airwell has the ability using the Clear Scada telemetry and control system to provide full 24 hour remote monitoring and operation of our pumping equipment.

Gas Gathering Line Liquid Extraction

Airwell can using its traditional Airwell pump technology to replace traditional gas separators to remove water from gas gathering lines. Replacing the gas separator removes equipment from the well head reducing the visual environmental impact of the well site.

Echometer Digital Well Analyser

Airwell Group is now able to supply and service the Echometer Digital Well Analyser. The Well Analyser is an integrated artificial lift data acquisition and diagnostic system which allows the operator to maximise oil and gas production and minimise operating expense.

Field Services

Airwell Group is able to provide a range of oil and gas field services.