Contaminated Site Remediation

Contaminated Site Remediation services and pumping solutions can be provided by the Airwell Group including total fluids recovery and hydrocarbon recovery

Pollution/Hydrocarbon Recovery

Pollution/Hydrocarbon Recovery solutions by Airwell Group. We have successfully completed the recovery of LNAPL's and DNAPL's, using a variety of methodologies including our own total fluids pumps, often in conjunction with selective skimmers, vacuum extraction and sparge systems.

Water/Bore Sampling

Groundwater/Bore sampling systems and services using its the Airwell direct air displacement technology on a truck mounted unit which reduces manual labour requirements, decreases sampling time and OH&S risks

Intrinsically Safe Systems

Intrinsically Safe Pumping Systems by the Airwell Group allow our pumping equipment to operate effectively in high risk and hazardous environments

Field Service

The Airwell Group can supply, install and maintain a large range of pumping equipment to suit your needs. Our fully trained field technicians and site ready service vehicles allow Airwell to give comprehensive in field support to our clients to ensure reliable and cost effective pumping well into th

Other Pumping Solutions

Airwell Group do not just supply its own Airwell direct air displacement pumps but also can supply a range of pumping solutions to suit your particular job.

Case Studies

Airwell Group Case Studies on a range of industrial works

Presentations and Information

Airwell Group Industrial Services and products technical information