Contaminated Site Remediation

Airwell has a proven record in the remediation of contaminated sites and groundwater. Our system's unique combination of features including its ability to deal with low flow situations typically found on contaminated sites make it perfectly suited for this type of application.

The Airwell pump design, with no mechanical parts and the ability to handle incredibly polluted or toxic fluids, means that an Airwell system requires little service and maintenance. Unlike other pumps, any servicing or maintenance required can be done without regularly removing the pump from the bore, providing for less exposure to the site by personnel.

Other key features of the Airwell system in this type of application are:

  • the ability for the system to operate in hazardous areas with intrinsic safety;
  • the ability for remote automation and remote telemetry.

This ability to monitor and control the pumps from a control hub or computer allows for less time spent by personnel on site in potentially hazardous conditions and provides occupational health and safety benefits.

Airwell has experience in a wide range of different remediation projects and can provide a solution for all your site remediation needs as well as expertise in pollution recovery.

To find out more about some of the contaminated sites we have worked on see our projects and client list or contact us to discuss any site remediation problems.

For more detailed information see our Contaminated Site Remediation technical data sheet.