Case Studies

Mindarie Regional Council - Landfill Leachate Recovery Case Study

The Mindarie Regional Council is WA's largest waste management authority, managing the disposal of approximately 350,000 tonnes of waste generated each year by people living in its seven government localities. In 2003 plans to develop stage 2 of the Tamala park landfill site commenced. The tender for the new stage included a pumping system to lift leachate from collection sumps and recirculate the leachate back on the waste.

Airwell Group provided 8 pumps over the course of the development all of which are still in operation today and have pumped leachate at the site for 13,000 hours without any downtime.

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Essex Biodiversity Project - Rain Water Harvesting Case Study

Airwell Group is involved in a number of environmental and conservation projects not only in Australia but internationally, one recent project which Airwell has been involved in is the Lower Raypits wildlife conservation project in Essex in the United Kingdom.

The essence of this project is to restore a dry area of costal grazing marsh which is very dry and had lost most of its wildlife interest. Airwell installed 3 bottom filling pumps to harvest rainwater to help restore the wetlands area.

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Airwell Flow Testing Services - Case Study

A very popular West Australian tourist attraction has been inable to keep up with their water needs due to the increasing number of visitors. They were carting 40,000 litres of water twice per week to meet cureent demands.

After drilling 2 new bores, Airwell was contracted to undertake flow testing on the bores and provide data to assit the hydrogeologist in determining the quantity and reliability of water from this new water source.

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City of Mt Gambier - Landfill Leachate Case Study

The City of Mount Gambier is the second largest city in South Australia with a population of over 26,000 people and is the regional centre for the South East of South Australia. The Caroline Landfill receives municipal, commercial and industrial waste from the City of Mount Gambier and District Council of Grant areas.

In 2013 plans to develop the Caroline Landfill site with a new cell to be constructed and the existing cells 1 & 2 to be capped. Airwell Group was initially engaged by a civil engineering contractor to fabricate, supply, install, and commission a leachate pumping and monitoring system with telemetry operations.

Airwell provided 2 pumping systems with remote monitoring and telemetry options along with additional monitoring for the leachate pond levels.

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