WestSide pumps up Oil and Gas business in Australia

The Airwell Oil and Gas pumping technology has received a massive boost in its endeavors to become a major part of the oil and gas industry here in Australia thanks to the hard work of Managing Director Alan Brown and the support of the Queensland based WestSide Corporation.

On the 3rd of April Airwell Group installed its first coal seam gas well dewatering pump in Australia in one well on WestSide Corporations Meridian field located just outside of Moura in QLD. The pump was successfully installed by Managing Director Alan Brown and Sales Manager Ray Brown and has already begun to pump fluid from the well and produce gas in a well which previously was not producing anything. The installation and success of the first pump here in Australia means that Airwell can focus on entering into that market and begin to supply oil and gas pumping solutions for not only WestSide but many other major gas companies operating in Australia.

WestSide CEO Dr. Julie Beeby had this to say about the Airwell pumping technology, “WestSide Corporation has been quite encouraged by the performance of the first Airwell pump being trialled at Meridian on a dual-lateral CSG well. This innovative application of conventional technology has the potential to significantly reduce well maintenance  costs and well work over down times in future, thereby enhancing reliability and project economics markedly.”  

Airwell’s CSG well dewatering pumps operate on the same direct air displacement system as the traditional Airwell pumps but they have been modified to operate using compressed gas and also to operate in much deeper wells than those traditionally used for Airwell pumps. Another key feature of this technology is full remote telemetry options. By using our Australian and US offices we are also in a unique situation to be able to offer a 24/7 monitoring service to our clients in Australian and USA

To learn more about the trials in Queensland, the Airwell Oil and Gas Technology or any of the Airwell products and services for the mining, industrial, environmental, agricultural and oil & gas industries visit our website www.airwellgroup.com.au , email us at sales@airwellgroup.com.au or call 08 9209 3355 to speak to any of our staff about how Airwell can provide a pumping solution for you.