Remote Telemetry Revolution

Airwell Group has been over the last 5 years become more involved in developing remote telemetry solutions to meet the growing demand for this capability across a variety of industries.  Airwell has the ability incorporate remote telemetry and control into most products and technology in the mining, industrial, environmental and oil & gas industries.

What makes Airwell telemetry solutions different? Our telemetry units are set up to report data directly to you and we train you to manage this data and make adjustments as required. No ongoing fees to access your own data, no ongoing fees to make minor adjustments to reporting. If however it is more convenient for you, we can assist with these activities but the choice is yours.

Airwell uses the SCADA suite of products to incorporate a range of data into one easy to view and easy to operate dashboard which can be viewed on your computer. This SCADA technology allows for information to be viewed live and can be graphed or downloaded into excel to allow for easy reporting. This software, data and information is owned and controlled by the client for them to use and view.

Currently Airwell is using remote telemetry for a number of clients in a variety of situations:

  • Remote control , operation and monitoring of Airwell pump testing equipment
  • Recording of Landfill leachate pumping volumes and leachate pond liquid levels
  • Operation and Monitoring of Airwell pumping equipment and compressors
  • Control and Monitoring of Airwell CSG dewatering pumps, gas meters, fluid levels and casing pressures.

The great thing about Airwell’s telemetry knowledge and technology is that it can be made to incorporate any number of different products and measurement devices which can all be monitored and recorded on one central program.  Airwell can provide a customised solution to suit the projects and requirements which you have.

For more information on how Airwell can incorporate remote telemetry on your projects please contact us or view our SCADA information sheet.