Remote Tank Monitoring

Airwell has always focused its time and efforts into products and services which our clients have outlined that they have a need for. Several clients have indicated they were in need of a method of monitoring tank levels on their properties without having to drive around to 3 or 4 tanks everyday to check the level.

Up until recently a solution for this problem has been expensive but recent advances in remote monitoring and control technology have allowed Airwell to develop a more cost effective system for tank monitoring which can keep you up to date by text message or email.

The system utilises a small SCADA telemetry control box which contains a sim card modem, this box is hooked into a measuring device in your tank. The system can then generate an automated text or email message letting you know a daily tank level and/or when your tank reaches a certain level.  This allows you to know what is going on with your tanks and water level without having to drive around and inspect your tanks.

 This technology will be available in 2015 for those wanting to monitor your water tanks remotely. For more information on this technology or for a quote on a system for your farm please contact us.