Remote Pumping Operations and Monitoring


The Airwell Group has for the last 5 years been incorporating remote monitoring and operation into our pumping systems. Using the Clear SCADA software, Airwell has created and developed a dashboard capable of monitoring and operating electric submersible pumps, Airwell oil & gas pumping equipment and standard Airwell pumping equipment. Say goodbye to regular trips out to the pump site as it can now all be fully monitored and controlled from the comfort of your office anywhere in the world.

Airwell remote telemetry and monitoring can be as sophisticated or basic as you require, we are able to provide the following data and control options to the client directly or through Airwell’s monitoring service:

  • Monitor standing fluid levels in the well.
  • Record SWL and drawdown from observation bores located nearby.
  • Controlled pumping rate - Set an exact pumping flow rate via the control system and have the ability to adjust the   flow rates as required.
  • Maintain standing fluid level - Set pumping flow rate to automatically adjust so as to maintain a set  standing fluid level
  • Auto shut down of pump – Set a minimum standing water level for auto stop to prevent burnout of pumps.
  • Record volumes pumped.
  • Monitoring alerts – Set visual or audible alerts for changes in pumping conditions.
  •  All data received in real time.
  • Real time data graphing.

Additional data and control capabilities for Oil & Gas well dewatering:

  • Recording of Gas production
  • Recording of Fluid production
  • Recording of Casing pressure
  • Constant Gas Production – The system can automatically maintain a gas production rate that can be remotely set and adjusted by the operator.
  • Emergency Shut Off Valve – Inclusion of an emergency shut off valve in the Airwell control box to automatically shut down the system in the event the gas gathering lines are exposed to excess pressure from a sales compressor malfunction.
  • Lateral Well Head Pressure – Standalone solar powered radio units can provide the Airwell telemetry system with a live reading of well head pressures from lateral wells on site. This information can be displayed on the Airwell dashboard with data being automatically logged.
  • Sales compressor monitoring radio unit – With the installation of a radio unit to each sales compressor, data can be collected and remotely displayed on the Airwell dashboard
  • Remotely Adjustable Pressure Sustaining Valve – Airwell can provide a pressure sustaining valve that can be remotely set to maintain a minimum casing pressure

Airwell has also applied these telemetry and monitoring capabilities to our custom built flow testing units. Our 1st class flow testing services can now be operated and monitored from our office in Malaga and with the capability of sharing this information, in real time, with the client or consultant. Imagine being able to watch the results of your step and flow tests live from the comfort of your office.

For more information on our remote telemetry systems please contacts us.

To find out more about Airwell’s flow testing service please read our flow testing information sheet.