QLD Service Truck and Operations

QLD Service Truck and Operations

With Airwell recently picking up several large and exciting projects in QLD there has been a need to establish a permanent office and service crew in the area to carry out project and service work. QLD Sales Manager Ray Brown and Engineer Jason Treacy have established a permanent office and along with new staff members Will Parker, Richard Simmons and Robert Walsh now have a fully operating service crew to complete works in QLD.

As a result of the service crew complete with 4wd truck and running wire crane which is based out of Chinchilla. Airwell is now able to complete the following services in QLD:

  • Pump Installation & Maintenance,
  • Well Flow Test Pumping,
  • Well Injection Interference Testing,
  • Water Well Maintenance,
  • Environmental Groundwater Sampling,
  • Poly Pipeline Supply,
  • Poly Pipe Welding & Testing.

Ray and Jason will be based at the new office on the Sunshine Coast the full address and contact details can be found on the Airwell Group website.  “It’s very exciting to be able to permanently setup an office and service crew in QLD” said Ray Brown. The service crew and office will give Airwell the chance to expand its range of services in QLD and also maintain a better relationship with its clients in that area.

For more information on our QLD operations please contact us