Not Just Airwell Pumps - Electric Submersibles and Custom Equipment by Airwell

As part of Airwell Groups aim to provide pumping solutions for all applications, Airwell have been selling and installing electric submersible pumping equipment for the past few years. Airwell also has been able to provide customized pumping equipment to suit the needs of many different clients.

To help provide a full range of electric pumping options Airwell have teamed up with “Advanced Pumps” to sell the full Lowara pumping range at affordable prices.  Airwell can supply and install Lowara pumps ranging in sizes and types.

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A major impediment to efficient and reliable use of electrical equipment on Australian remote properties is the lack of 3 phase electrical power.
It is well recognized that 3 phase is not only much better than single phase for devices but is also much cheaper and simpler as well.

For quite some time Airwell have been utilizing small VSD’s (Variable Speed Drives) to convert single phase to 3 phase for our larger air compressors. Using the same VSD’s in combination with high quality Lowara vertical stack electric transfer pumps, provides for a very effective pressure system.

A VSD in combination with these transfer pumps creates a fully “Pressure Modulating System”. The delivery pressure is maintained at the desired pressure with the pump speeding up and slowing down to accurately maintain this pressure. If no water is drawn off the system for a set period then the system goes to sleep and the pump stops. The pump will reawaken when the pressure falls below a set wakeup pressure point.

The pressure modulating Lowara transfer pump was chosen by our clients because it has the capabilities of working as a pressure pump without the problems that go with having large pressure tanks and pressure switches needing regular maintenance when suppling water in a total pressurized system. The electricity consumption over time is considerably less with this method and the pump life is greatly improved.

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