NEW - Low Flow Controller

As part of Alan Brown’s constant aim to improve the Airwell pump technology and provide solutions for pumping applications, he has been working with WA agricultural sales and service agent Tom Sedgwick on designing a controller which is specifically for low flow bores that have a yield of less than 10,000 litres per day.

The controller will be a low cost option for controlling and operating your Airwell pumps in very low producing bores. The controller which uses only the necessary parts required for handling low flow bores and can reduce the price of an Airwell system by up to $900

“The idea behind the low flow controller is to provide an option for customers who have a bore producing at the very low end of the scale and finds it difficult to justify the price of a full Airwell controller for a bore only producing 10,000 litres per day” says Tom Sedgwick.

Although providing a cheaper option both Alan and Tom have made it clear that the low flow controller only suits specific flow situations and is not available for all pumping applications.  “The new controller cannot replace an existing controller, it is purely designed for specific low flow situations,” says Tom.

For information on the low flow controller or to discuss your pumping situation and which Airwell equipment will operate efficiently and effectively please call and speak with Tom Sedgwick on 0418 844 331 or email