Innovative Flow Testing Equipment and Services by Airwell

Airwell has spent the last few months developing its unique flow/pump testing equipment which has been designed and tested to meet the growing safety and reporting requirements of environmental consultants and mine sites. Our data logging equipment enables Airwell to provide our clients with a highly accurate record of the flow test from start to finish, our equipment includes:

  • Mag Flow meter for the recording of flow rates
  • Variable speed drive to control the pump speed and flow rate
  • Pressure transducers & bubbler tube to monitor standing water levels in the bore.
  • Additional capabilities to monitor SWL in any observation bores located in the vicinity of the flow test.
  • All equipment is PLC controlled and can be set to automatically take readings every 5 to 60 seconds as required by the client. All pumping parameters can be entered and/or modified in the PLC by the operators on site.
  • All monitoring equipment is mounted inside a steel skid unit for protection and ease of transport.

NEW: With the introduction of a SCADA control unit in our testing equipment we are now able to remotely monitor the flow testing results live from our offices in Perth. This also provides the client with the opportunity to progressively review the results and request changes to the flow testing parameters. This is a unique feature only available from Airwell.

So why should you choose Airwell’s new modularized flow testing unit to complete your flow testing:

  • All equipment is neatly and safely contained in one robust skid unit reducing the on-site accident risk and less risk of damage
  • The convenience of remote monitoring and adjustment courtesy of inbuilt SCADA and PLC systems (telemetry)
  • Meets major mine site safety requirements for staff not to remain at the pump site for prolonged periods (minimum exposure to risk)
  • Triple VF (VSD) and telemetry systems provide control of all pump testing and well variables
  • Data gathering systems and testing processes most scientific and reliable available
  • Data provided in CSV data and Excel format for ease of extrapolation and graphing

We are now fully equipped to undertake flow testing ranging from 0-30 litres per second and from depths up to 150 meters. Testing outside these parameters is available subject to negotiation.

Airwell is currently holding regular demonstrations of our new flow testing skid unit, if you are interesting in seeing this unique technology in action or interested in Airwell’s flow testing services please call and speak to Roger Angel on 08 9209 3355 or email or find more information on our website