Farm Water Planning for your Water Future

The agricultural industry has changed over the last few years due to higher stocking rates and diversification into other areas, there has been a greater demand for improved water infrastructure. It is important therefore to have an effective farm water plan which will allow you to have access to water all year round.

The Airwell Group Pty Ltd is pleased to introduce Robert Fishburn as our expert in farm water planning. Robert has been involved in the water industry for over 30 years, in this time Robert has been involved in water designs ranging from small single pump and tank installations, to very large farm water designs which included multiple pumps and tanks, 28kms of water pipe and 56 troughs to deliver water to.

Not just Airwell. Robert has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best pumping solution for your requirements. Add this to his extensive experience with the Airwell pump technology allows him to design farm water systems using the most diverse range of pumping products currently available. Previously unused water sources from low flow bores or located remotely from electrical power can now play an important role in your farm water supply planning.

Robert’s skills in the area of farm water planning have been recognised by the Department of Primary Industry Victoria, he has been a regular presenter and speaker at farm water seminars and conferences for the past 4 years and also delivers water management strategies and design ideas to farmer groups and department staff as part of the Rural Industries Skills Training program.

To speak to Robert about your farm water plan and how Airwell can help secure your water future contact him:

                            Robert Fishburn- Vic and SA Representative

                            Phone: 0418 501 585