Care and Maintenance with Tom Sedgwick

Has your Airwell system been serviced in the last 3 years

Due to the nature of the agricultural industry the demand for water changes over the course of the year based on a number of factors. Because of this varying demand for water you may not be using your Airwell system all year or you may not use it for a couple of years depending on your water availability and demands.  Although one of the features of the Airwell system is its ability to pump when required and not rely on constant flow there are some things to be aware about if your system has not been regularly used in the last 2 -3 years.

The most common problem that customers will find wrong with their system is a flat battery. The battery in the Airwell controller has an expected life between 2 – 3 years but can last longer than that depending on a number of factors.  There are a number of other small service and maintenance issues which can because you pump to not work at its optimum level. To help identify these and find the appropriate solution refer to the troubleshooting guide in you Airwell pump Service and Installation Manual.

So what is the best way to solve these common problems that may be encountered? Airwell offers a factory service which inspects, repairs and replaces any of these parts which may be damaged or worn. The factory service is $330.75ex GST and freight and includes:

  • Supply and Fitting of a new seal kit
  • Supply and fit of a new battery
  • Check and Adjust impulse valve
  • Cleaning and Labour


Alternatively if you think there may be something wrong with your Airwell system get in contact with your local Airwell representative:

Tom Sedgwick WA/QLD and all other service enquires

Ph: 0418 844 331



Robert Fishburn VIC and SA

Ph: 0418 501 585