Best Kept Secret

Environmental consultants would have received an email recently with the subject heading “Another string to your bow” perhaps not realizing that it had nothing to do with archery and everything to do with contaminated site remediation and pollution recovery. The email was to raise awareness amongst consultants of Airwell’s capabilities in terms of its remediation and recovery systems and expertise.

As one consultant remarked “Airwell’s systems are the best kept secret in the industry”. Having been involved in some of the largest pollution recovery projects in Australia over the last 25 years, Airwell has developed considerable expertise and capabilities in the total fluids management approach to contaminant recovery.

 As well as providing the pumps, Airwell can also provide separation and treatment systems of a project resulting in a total fluids management solution.


To find out more about Airwell’s remediation and recovery capabilities, consultants can request copies of Airwell’s “Contaminated Site Remediation and Recovery Systems”   technical information sheet and the “Operational Guidelines for Environmental Applications” publication which describes systems for the recovery of corrosive non-flammables, caustic and flammable hydrocarbons.


These documents can also be found on the Airwell Group website or you can call and speak with Shaun Moriarty on 08 9209 3355.