Airwell Staff make 10 year Milestone

In the last couple of months two of Airwell’s longest serving employees both reached an impressive milestone with General Manager Clinton Briggs and Operations Manager Keith Walton both passing 10 years of employment with Airwell. In the coming weeks long serving factory worker Bill Criddle will also pass this impressive milestone.

“It is something very rare in today’s job market and also in the mining industry to see staff commit to one company for such a long period of time” said Managing Director Alan Brown. 

Clinton joined Airwell in 2003 in a business and administration capacity and has been the General Manager for the last 4 years and has been the main force behind Airwell expanding its market focus and raising its profile in the industry.

Keith also joined Airwell in 2003 as the Operations Manager and has been in the role for the whole 10 years. Keith brought a wealth of production management experience to Airwell after working for several large building and construction companies.

“Keith and Clinton’s contributions to Airwell are very hard to put into words they have been two of the hardest working and committed employees that I have had the pleasure of working with at Airwell and I hope that we can continue to have them supporting  our company the way they have done for the past 10 years” said Alan.

Keith and Clinton in recognition of the work they have done received a small token for their hard work from the staff and from Alan on behalf of the company.

Clinton Briggs commented that “. This is a very exciting company with amazing staff and amazing products, and although it has been 10 years, not one of those years have been the same. Alan points in the direction he wants the company to head and allows us to work out the best way to get there. It’s a team effort and with so many twists and turns over the 10 years it keeps it interesting and exciting”