Airwell to launch new oil and gas technology in Australia

After completing successful trials of its new shallow well oil pumping and gas deliquification pumping technology in the USA and Canada, Airwell Group managing director Alan Brown has returned to Australia to launch the gas deliquification technology to the Australian oil and gas industry.

The new gas deliquifying pumping technology provides considerable advantages over existing deliquifying methods employed by the USA, Canadian and Australian oil and gas industries. The main advantage being its ability to pump extremely silt laden fluids commonly associated with coal seam gas sites. Its other advantages include: its ability to use the same gas being pumped as the energy source for deliquifying the coal; no electrical power is needed at the well; multiple pumps can be operated from one centrally located compressor; and remote telemetry of individual well performance reporting on fluid volumes pumped, casing pressures, gas volumes produced and standing fluid levels.

One of the Canadian trials involved five gas deliquifying pumps on two different sites in quite extreme conditions. Alan reported that it was more difficult dealing with the climate on the Canadian sites where the temperatures reached minus 18 degrees during winter.

"One of the big issues they have in Canada is with the well head equipment freezing and the cost of preventing this. Because we use gas produced directly from the casing to power our pumps and not from a velocity string, the gas is as dry as it can be and does not freeze our equipment," Alan said.

Now back in Australia, Alan has turned his attention to the Australian oil and gas market and has been pleased with the interest already shown so far from several local oil and gas companies.

Alan said it was great to have some Australian interest in the technology which he has been developing over the last 5 years. Airwell are currently trialing the system in Queensland which will allow him more time to spend in Australia to work on other projects here.

"The Queensland trial is the first step in promoting our oil and gas technology in Australia. It's the culmination of some hard work and successful trials we completed recently in the USA and Canada which has generated the interest from Australian gas producers. These trials will provide us with results that we can use to demonstrate the technology's performance to the Australian industry," Alan said.

The new technology will be showcased at the Australian Petroleum, Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) conference to be held in Adelaide from May 13-16, 2012. Airwell will be promoting its technology and the results from pump trials carried out in Canada, the USA and Queensland, Australia.

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