Airwell Dam/Sump/Transfer Pumps


Airwell have a range of floating dam pumps and sump pumps which can be used for the transfer of water from waterways, dams and lakes

Using the same principal as the standard Airwell pump, water enters the pump through the inlet screens, and signals from the internal level probes direct the controller to empty then refill the pump. The controller for this pump is often attached to the pump, keeping the cable kit and airline as short as possible. This innovation improves the efficiency of the pump by reducing the volume of air required to pump water.

When using the Sump pump in a submerged application, provision is made to allow the controller to be mounted remotely. As with other Airwell pumps, the use of float valves on your tanks and troughs will create an 'on demand' pumping system.

For more information on Airwells Agricultural pumping solutions see our Agricultural brochure or to see how you can use an Airwell pump to solve your water pumping issues see our case studies.

Floating Dam Pumps

The Airwell floating pump has been designed for use on open waterways such as dams and lakes, and is a self-contained unit with the control unit mounted on the float and pump assembly rather than concreting the control post alongside a bore or transfer pump.

Apart from improving the efficiency of the pump, it allows the system to be highly mobile in applications where a single pump may be moved for use in multiple locations. The pump design is basically the same as the other Airwell pumps. The floating pump can pump up to 100,000 L/per day.

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Sump/Transfer/River Pumps

The Sump / Transfer / River pump can be used in a variety of applications such as at the bottom of a sump or inland waterway. Using the same principal as the standard Airwell pump, water enters the pump through the inlet screens and is then pumped out using compressed air. The sump, transfer and river pump all have a 25L cycle capacity and can pump up to 100,000 L per day.

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