The Airwell Team

Managing Director - Alan Brown

Alan Brown is the driving force behind the Airwell Pumps success story and has continued to apply his extensive knowledge of pumping and problem solving ability to pumping challenges for over 30 years.

In the early 1980's, Alan developed a unique direct air displacement pumping system that revolutionized the way farmers obtained their water supplies. Like other great Australian innovators, Alan saw an opportunity to help out and applied a simple principle to an age old problem, which he continues to do today with other pumping applications.

During the last 30 years Alan has gained considerable knowledge and skill in applying the Airwell technology to a diverse range of pumping applications. He has worked with some of the largest industrial companies in Australia providing solutions for pollution recovery, corrosive fluid applications and also in low flow rate applications.

Alan continues to apply his extensive knowledge and experience to issues facing the Oil and Gas industry and has worked in Australia, Canada and the USA applying Airwell's latest range of Artificial Lift products.


Business Development Manager - Ray Brown

As the son of founder and managing director Alan Brown, Ray has been around Airwell pumps his whole life and is as knowledgeable about the technology and its applications as his father. Ray started working in a sales capacity in 2000 focusing on agricultural sales.

After helping establish operations on the eastern seaboard, Ray returned to WA in 2006 and assisted with the design and manufacturing of the Airwell Oil and Gas pumping technology and went to the USA to help his father establish Airwell Oil and Gas operations in Texas.

He returned to Airwell WA head office as Sales Manager in 2007 to focus on the continued development of Airwell pumps and to develop markets for Airwell Oil and Gas in Australia and the South Pacific.

In 2013 Ray relocated to Queensland to be in a better position to service and manage Airwell's growing oil and gas interests in Queensland. In 2015 Ray became the company's Business Development Manager taking over the strategic direction of the company.


General Manager - Clinton Briggs

Clinton has worked at Airwell since 2003. Taking on the role of General Manager in 2006
in this time Clinton has overseen and managed the smooth operation of the company through a phase of significant growth, managing the requirements of a growing company operating in multiple industries and multiple countries.

Before becoming an Airwell employee, Clinton worked for 18 years in the banking and finance industry, spent 6 years as a small business owner and 5 years as the State Manager for a national fuel card company.


Operations Manager - Keith Walton

Keith has worked for Airwell since 2003 as the production and operations manager. He is responsible for ensuring that all Airwell pumps and equipment are manufactured to the highest standards and that the workshop is working efficiently.

In this period Keith has made many significant improvements to Airwell’s production methods, from initially integrating investment casting and plastic injection manufacturing processes allowing large scale production of Airwell products to the recent integration of ISO 9001

Originally Keith started out as an apprentice toolmaker and moved on to be a design draftsman for press tools and plastic injection moulds. His previous production management experience includes Crane Aluminium, Boral windows and York Air-conditioning. He was also the managing director of West Coast Roofing and Bains Harding Construction and Roofing for over 20 years.


Financial Manager – Christine Suryadi (M. Fin, B. Comm)

Christine has been part of Airwell Group since 2011. Christine is a valuable asset to Airwell as Christine assists the company to meet its financial goals and managing the financial side of a growing company.

With a strong background in banking and business administration, including a Master in Finance, Bachelor of Commerce and experience with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Christine has contributed to the success and stability of the company.


WA Sales & Marketing Manager – David Thatcher (B.Comm)

David has worked for Airwell Group since 2011. In this time David has become a valuable part of the Airwell team and has developed a detailed knowledge of Airwell’s products and field services.

David has a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in marketing and public relations and in addition to his technical sales duties he also manages all of Airwell’s marketing activities for Australia including Airwell’s regular newsletter on current projects and technical improvements.  


Technical Sales - Dean Conway 

Dean has recently joined our sales & marketing team, bringing with him his extensive experience gained from 11 years of business development & sales experience in a number of water & other related industries.

Dean has worked his entire professional career in a sales / business development capacity which commenced as a 19 year old in the construction industry. From there Dean moved into primarily mining, oil & gas focused sales / business development positions with multinational companies with a geographical responsibility including Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea.

Dean has also been exposed to international business having performed work in the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore and USA & Canada.


Victoria and South Australia Representative - Robert Fishburn

Robert has been involved in the water industry for 32 years. During this time he has gained extensive experience with industrial and agricultural water systems including repairs, installations and the design of small and large water systems.

Robert has been involved with the Airwell pump system for the last 21 years initially as an agent introducing the Airwell technology to the western districts of Victoria and south east of South Australia

Robert has extensive experience in the application of Airwell pumps, electric and solar pumping systems with a complete knowledge of repair and maintenance procedures. He is Airwell's representative for mining, industrial, environmental and agricultural sales and service in Victoria and South Australia.