The Airwell Pumping System

The Airwell pump

Our unique air operated pumping systems are renowned for their reliability, adaptability and durability because of the following unique features:

  • Their ability to handle high grit laden and corrosive fluids;
  • Their ability to adjust from very low to higher flow capabilities (from 0 - 100,000 litres per day);
  • Ability to adjust to varying bore yields and self-regulate without damage to pump or bore;
  • Can operate long distances from power, sometimes up to 15 kms away;
  • Intrinsic safe options available for potentially dangerous / explosive environments;
  • High quality materials used and componentry manufactured to the highest standards;
  • Simple to install and operate;
  • long service life with low maintenance characteristics due to few mechanical / moving parts;
  • Australian-made with all parts stocked locally;
  • Can be integrated with other pump systems;
  • Multiple pump systems can be controlled / powered centrally and monitored remotely;
  • Customised pumps / systems to suit a particular application.
  • Many systems include full SCADA remote monitoring and  control.

The Airwell system setup             

The main components of an Airwell system are:

  • The air compressor which can be single or three phase electric, usually located in a shed were a power supply already exists.
  • The airline which transfers the compressed air from the compressor to the pump location and can be 15km long or more if sufficiently sized.
  • The controller which is required to controls the pump operation and can be either solar or mains powered.
  • The pump which is located down hole, can vary according to the bore size and the required flow rate.
  • The discharge water line can include valves and flow switches to control the required storage tank / dam water  level.

Watch the system in action >> (2MB) or (36MB)