The Airwell Pumping System

Our unique air operated pumping systems are renowned for their reliability, adaptability and durability because of the following unique features:

  • their ability to handle high grit and corrosive fluids/solids;
  • their low to high flow capabilities (from 0 - 100,000 litres per day);
  • ability to adjust to varying bore yields and self-regulate without damage to pump or bore;
  • can operate distance from power, up to 15 kms away;
  • intrinsically safe options for potentially dangerous/explosive environments;
  • high quality material and componentry manufacture;
  • simple to install and operate;
  • long service life with low maintenance characteristics due to few mechanical/moving parts;
  • Australian-made with all parts available locally;
  • can be integrated with other pump systems;
  • multiple pump systems can be controlled/powered centrally and monitored remotely;
  • customised pumps/systems to suit a particular application.

Airwell also offer a wide range of alternate pumps including electric submersibles for applications where an Airwell pump's unique features are not required. Look in our Pump Shop for the range of pumps we can supply at competitive pricing as well as hire and lease options.

Full details about our wide range of services to the oil and gas, mining, environmental, industrial and agricultural sectors can be found under each industry heading or in Our Capabilities section.